Eleanor O’Keefe is a doctoral candidate at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. She is currently working on her dissertation project, entitled: Psychophysical analysis of three separate anisotropic patterns in vision: Putting visual reference frames in conflict to study the Class 1 and 2 oblique effects and the horizontal effect. More broadly, she is interested in how the visual system encodes the world around us, and what that means for our visual perception. She received her MS in Psychological and Brain Sciences from U of L in 2008, and her BS in Biopsychology from UC Santa Barbara in 2010, with a minor in Applied Psychology.

Eleanor has extensive experience conducting research in experimental psychology. She began in 2008 as a research assistant during her undergraduate education and moved to running her own studies in graduate school. She has shown great success in designing, coding and implementing studies, and recruiting and running participants. She has found that in experimental psychology, there can be lots of construction and configuration of tools necessary for conducting research. For Eleanor, this has included the building of a head tilt apparatus that enables head tilt of up to 45 degrees, and also integrates the use of dove prisms to enable visual scene tilt. She also assisted with the attachment of a USB monochrome camera to a SONY T2 head mounted device to be used in adaptation experiments.

Eleanor has three years experience as a teaching assistant in the psychology department at U of L. Two of those years, she taught individual lab sections for Experimental Psychology, which she thought was the most enjoyable experience as a TA as she got to know the students at a more individual level. She has given guest lectures in both Introduction to Psychology and Sensation and Perception. She has also mentored undergraduate students as research assistants in the lab. This included running monthly lab meetings where the students were given an opportunity to discuss journal articles, give presentations and talk in-depth about current lab research.

Feel free to contact her for work, projects at emayokeefe@gmail.com